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Posted: April 19, 2012 in Editing, Kikimora, Writing
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I am currently enjoying/struggling through the second draft of Kikimora. Some days it goes great. Other days I struggle to complete my word count (1000)*. So I’ve come up with a new incentive to goad me on those tough days: the line of the day.

I’m also kind of curious how accurate (or random) a picture of the novel will emerge from several months worth of Lines of the Day…

This is the sentence I am most pleased with today, 19 April 2012:

The afternoon passed slowly and mostly in silence.

It’s a small line, but well formed, and I think nicely sums up the awkwardness and discomfort of the scene.

For good measure, I have retrospectively decided on last thursday’s line of the day, 12 April:

Her limbs were very agile, and capable of bending in ways that perhaps a humans might not.

and last friday’s, 13 April**:

He had fled the oppressive old house the first chance he got, leaving Yana to cope alone with the oppressive old man.

I’ll add more each week. But I’m already curious how many of these ‘best lines’ will make it to the final cut. I learned during the editing of Darklands the value of that cruel advice, ‘Kill your darlings’…

* I realise a word quota is not always appropriate during editing, but I decided on a deal of restructuring during my first draft read through, and consequently have a lot of new sections to add in.

** I work part time, and generally write on Thursdays and Fridays.

Line of the day, 20 April

After all, she was a thing of the cold, and she drew strength from it.

Line of the day, 21 April

Kikimora had never had a mother, had never heard a lullaby, and had never felt its lack until now.

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