Darklands on the Road

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Darklands, Marketing & Promotion, Publishing, Uncategorized, Writing
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Flyer prepared for me by the handsome, talented, etc, Mr Dack

Flyer prepared for me by the handsome, talented, etc, Mr Dack

Today I’m taking Darklands on the road, to the Celebrating Cromford festival.

This is my home town, so I’m hoping to generate a bit of interest. I have a box full of books. My mum has blagged me a corner of the WI stall. I have a flyer with some blurb about me (playing up the local angle, of course), my bestest review quote (thank you, Bookstack), and some contact info. I have a nice little perspex stand for it – so the rain will only gradually seep in the sides and destroy it during the course of the day.

Only slight fly in the ointment is an annoying glitch in the distribution process. I finally got in touch with Feedaread to see what the hold up was (after politely waiting the advised six weeks like a good girl). It turns out they were waiting for  me. I had asked a question about something. They had answered it. Apparently they were waiting for me to say ‘no thanks’ and HAD NOT BEGUN THE DISTRIBUTION PROCESS. Grrs.

I need to look into this further (and don’t have time today, what with Darklands on the road and all), but I don’t recall any indication that either a) I was expected to answer, or b) Not doing so would hold up the distribution process. Why would it?

To balance that negative impression of Feedaread, I was impressed that my box of books actually arrived in time for the festival. It only occured to me to sell there last weekend. I ordered the books on sunday, thinking I’ll use them for some promotional purposes if they don’t arrive in time for this. They came on Thursday. That’s pretty good for print on demand.

Anyway, the take home message: If you’re in Cromford today, come say Hi 🙂 I’ll be on Scarthin somewhere, hopefully.

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