Darklands on the Road a Great Success

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Darklands, Marketing & Promotion, Writing
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Darklands on the WI stall

Darklands taking up a corner of the WI stall

Celebrating Cromford was a great success for Darklands.

I took a tiny corner of the WI stall (selling handmade bags, jewellery, etc) for a my flyer and a stack of books (I offered to pay a share of the stall cost, but they wouldn’t hear of it).

I bumped into lots of old friends, as well as meeting some new people. My mum proved an excellent salesperson (“Have you seen my daughter’s book? It’s very good.”) And I sold (and signed) seventeen copies of Darklands (while others around me complained of slack trade. I’m afraid it did rain quite a bit). Now I just hope my new customers enjoy it, and leave me some good reviews.

I would have tried to wangle myself a place on another stall today – but there are only three copies left from my big box of books, and I’m sure my mum will shift those for me pretty soon 😀

This is very encouraging, and has fired up my enthusiasm for promotion. I’m hoping to fit in a school visit early in July (but timetabling is proving tricksy), and I would very much like to get involved in the Wirksworth Festival. Wirksworth is a larger town than Cromford, and is where I went to school. The festival is also a lot larger and very well established. I will know LOADS of people there, so it could be a really good promotion (and sales) opportunity.

Exciting times!

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