First Blogoversary Prize Draw Winner

Posted: March 2, 2013 in Darklands, Writing
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Darklands giveaway prize

Darklands giveaway

The winner of my first blogoversary prize draw is Pete Denton. Congratulations, Pete! A parcel of goodies is winging its way to him as I type.

I had some grand ambitions for how I was going to produce such a gorgeous package that it would be a wonder to all who beheld it… but that didn’t quite pan out. I should have known better. I am a notoriously poor present wrapper :-/

I wanted some nice traditional brown paper and string to wrap it in… But we didn’t have any brown paper. I searched through my bag of random wrapping paper, and all I could find was love hearts, butterflies, or christmas paper. I do also have some great paper with dinosaurs on, but not enough for the book parcel, unfortunately.

Then I found a roll of pleasantly old fashioned flowery wallpaper, and thought that would work quite nicely. I wrote out the address on a piece of hand made paper sent to me by Rachael Pinks, after donating to her campaign to keep the Old Lock Up Studio in Cromford going. However, my sellotape wouldn’t stick to the wallpaper, and I didn’t have much hope for pritt-stick holding the ragged edged hand made paper in place… I had to abandon that idea. I think half an acre of gaffer tape would have slightly marred the effect I was going for.

In the end… bubblewrap and a padded envelope *sigh*

I tried, Pete. Really, I did.

Hopefully the parcel will reach you in good shape, and I hope you enjoy!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the draw, and don’t forget that you can get your copy of Darklands from Scarthin Books in Cromford, or online from Amazon and Waterstones.

  1. Pete Denton says:

    Hahaha. I would have been fine with the dinosaurs. Shame it didn’t stretch 🙂

    Thanks again. I never win anything so I’m really pleased. I’ll let you know when it arrives.

  2. That’s a gorgeous looking package! What inspired the chocolate/candies? Something book-related, I assume.

    • elwoodcock says:

      Thanks, Michelle.
      Ah, they were left over from the craft fair stall I had before christmas (selling books).
      I had jewel-like boiled sweets, gold coins, and some pretty leaves I collected in the autumn, dried, and painted gold – all sitting in a gold coloured bowl,
      It was kind of a mixture of ideas. A key event in Darklands is when a spell is cast using a shallow, gold scrying bowl, so I wanted to echo that. I also wanted to use the idea of fairy gold – that turns to worthless leaves in the morning. Mostly I wanted to entice people over to my stall with free sweets! 😉

      • Well, that sounds like a brilliant plan to me 😀 One of my tentative marketing plans for this summer is to team up with my friend, who likes to cook, and set up a “Book and Bake Sale” at the local farmer’s market. But I also love the idea of giving away little chocolates/candies — who doesn’t love free swag?

  3. elwoodcock says:

    Good luck with it. I’ve had really mixed results with craft fair stalls. The first one I did was in my home town. I just borrowed a corner of the WI stall, and had my mum as chief salesperson. I sold 17 paperbacks!
    It’s all been downhill from there, I’m afraid. People do like to buy a book from the author, and get it signed, and chat about it. Being a naturally reclusive type, I’ve had to work on my patter!
    The last event I did was a wash out. Not just for me. I think I did alright actually considering the overall turn out. The stall next to me didn’t sell a single thing all day 😦 I shared a stall with a writer pal, and he didn’t sell anything. I sold five copies, which barely recouped my costs.
    I will not be using those organisers again! The other stall holders I spoke to said not to let it put me off, as they were all having a terrible day, and it was normally much better. But I’m afraid it really has put me off. I just can’t seem to summon the enthusiasm for another at the moment :-/
    Maybe in the summer (or whenever I finally get Kikimora finished). It’ll be good to have two books on the stall!

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