Darklands by Emma Woodcock

A dull roaring filled her ears, like being underwater. The shifting shadows gradually stilled, and from the depths, it seemed as though someone looked back at her through ink-dark eyes. It seemed as though someone spoke directly into her mind, his voice as rich and dark as treacle, ‘Whom do I have the pleasure of addressing?’

Fifteen year old Sophie is not the most popular girl at school. She’s not thin enough, she’s not pretty enough, and she’s way too interested in maths and physics to be even remotely cool.

So when she finds herself mysteriously transported into another world where the sun always shines, the people all think she’s fantastic and their impossibly handsome king dotes on her, she can barely believe her luck.

But Sophie begins to realise that all is not as well as it seems in the Darklands. Why are all the visiting delegations so angry with the King? What is the mysterious millenniversary everyone keeps talking about? And quite what is Sophie’s role in it all?

As the Darklands reveals its grim secrets, the fate of both worlds relies on Sophie escaping the King and finding her way back home – preferably without turning the universe inside out… You can read the first chapter here!

“Darklands is unputdownable, enthralling magic… Brilliantly written and thought out fantasy.”

Five star review for Darklands on Bookstack.

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