Kikimora by Emma WoodcockWhen mining pollution threatens to destroy their home, the spirits of Korsakov forest enlist the help of the world’s greatest sorcerer to create a monster. Spun from the breath of an ice wyvern and the crocodile tears of a killer, Kikimora’s purpose is to terrorise the miners and drive them from the forest for ever.

But Kikimora discovers there is much her guardians neglected to teach her about humans: important things like music and friendship and love. Drawn into their lives, their hopes and fears, Kikimora begins to question her duty.

When disaster strikes the miners, she must decide where her loyalties lie: with the guardians of the forest or with the humans she has sworn to destroy.

But defying her destiny could mean sacrificing everything – even her life.

The first chapter of Kikimora is now available to read. Let me know what you think, and if it has whetted your appetite for the rest of the book.

Kikimora is very loosely based on Slavic folklore, particularly the description by Anatoly Lyadov accompanying his fairy tale for orchestra, Kikimora:

“She grows up with a magician in the mountains. From dawn to sunset the magician’s cat regales Kikimora with fantastic tales of ancient times and faraway places, as Kikimora rocks in a cradle made of crystal. It takes her seven years to reach maturity, by which time her head is no larger than a thimble and her body no wider than a strand of straw. Kikimora spins flax from dusk to dawn, with evil intentions for the world.”

(Source: Wikipedia)

The first chapter features two characters from Slavic mythology who may not be familiar to Western readers, Leshy, the spirit of the forest, and the Rusalka, beautiful water spirits who drown unwary men – similar to mermaids.

  1. […] some point later this year she will be publishing her second novel, Kikimora, concerning a reluctant monster, a lovestruck magician, a kind-hearted Rusalka, and a very wise […]

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